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The Alien in Boston

International Students in the US


Three Aliens and a thousand Thoughts to share. The kaleidoscope of cultural contrast and personal experiences in The Country of Immigrants delivered to you by Boston Aliens with the richest foreign backgrounds. Coming from different parts of the world we will present the full spectrum of challenges and differences that international students are faced with when living in the States.

Meet The Team

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Liza left Russia when she was 17 to study in Scotland, UK and has been an alien ever since. After living for 5 years in the UK moving to the US might seem like not that big of a change. Isn’t it though? The days of watching football, living in a flat and having take away are now replaced with soccer games, apartment life and getting takeouts. 

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Nam was a student last year, and still is a student this year. He took a 25-hour flight from Vietnam to be an Alien in Boston with the hope that he can flip burgers after finishing his master's. On good days, he likes taking photographs, surfing social media, watching sunset, and eating croissants. On bad days, he likes to put Adele's albums on repeat.



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Kate was dreaming about becoming an alien for a very long time. She is still looking for a perfect planet to stay even after moving from LA to Boston. Traveling around the globe is her favorite thing to do because there is nothing more exciting than to observe human beings in their natural habitat. Ask her if you want to know about life on the other planets.


let the aliens speak!

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