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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

I wrote a blog post about the concert I went to in New Hampshire not too long ago, so now it is time to share my experience of New Hampshire itself.

A view of a lake in Contoocook, New Hampshire, international students in us, blog,  alien thoughts
Contoocook, New Hampshire

“Live free or die” - the official motto of New Hampshire strikes you with it’s provocative for the 21st century dogmatic message. However, it feels like in NH there is just no other way of living. We first got to Concord, NH and while having a coffee in a small cafe and being consumed with people-watching (for research purposes of course), I saw a man with a dog waiting for someone on the street (or rather I saw a dog with a man, that would be more accurate). Being tired of waiting the man sat down in the middle of the sidewalk. That’s it. He just sat down and people would walk around him occasionally reaching to pet the dog. What is it if not free-living?⠀


Nature - the forests, the lakes, the trails that you get to explore… It all is just so unbelievably beautiful, breathtaking really. I’m guessing that’s another incentive to live a free life among these miraculous sceneries. I went to New Hampshire for small hikes a couple of times and even though the weather was not always favorable, the sceneries were still breathtaking and the air was still so fresh!

Girl looking at a landscape, international students in us, blog,  alien thoughts

And the orchards are worth mentioning too! There are so many orchards with fresh delicious fruits - peaches, apples, etc. Being a foreigner here, one of the things that I miss the most about my home-country is the taste of proper fruit and vegetables. When I say ‘proper’, I mean a fruit or a veggie should taste like food and not like they were made in the laboratory, but maybe it is just me.


Even though mosquitos were not very welcoming and left a number of souvenir bites to remember them by NH is a great place! If you ever feel like recharging and living free go to New Hampshire, it’s perfect for that!

By Liza B. for Alien Thoughts Boston

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