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Beautiful Napa Valley.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Mumm Napa Napa Valey, CA , international students in us blog, alien thoughts
Mumm Napa. Napa Valley,CA.

The winter break is upon us. There is still a little bit of time to plan a trip if you are staying in the US. Since Boston has turned into the winter land until at least the end of April (stay strong people, stay strong), I think it is necessary to catch the last glance of sun before we all turn into snowballs.

California? Yes, yes, yes! My favorite state forever and ever. But I am not going to talk about Los Angeles or San Fransisco, or whatever. I want to talk about two places that stole my heart last year. I think that New Year is excellent time to visit a new spot, something truly special, something that will have a place in your heart forever and warm your soul during cold Boston evenings.

The first one is Napa Valley. Yeeeah, I hope we are all over 21 here. If not - skip ahead to the second part.

Napa Valley,CA, international students blog, alien thoughts
Napa Valley,CA.

What can I say about Napa Valley? Nothing, but good things. For anyone who doesn't know, Napa Valley is the wine region in the north of San Fransisco with dozens of vineyards famous around the globe. The best way to visit most of them is to rent a car in San Francisco, drive a couple of hours, and stay in a cozy hotel somewhere in Napa Country.

I would say that two days is enough to visit most of the vineyards without getting sick of the amount of wine you taste. December is an excellent time for such a journey; all the pics are taken in the middle of December by the way.

Each vinery is unique, some have horses, some serve champagne, some are family-owned. Besides a great wine tasting experience, you might get lucky and talk with the owners to learn more about all this wine. Believe me, it is exciting even if you have no interest in this.

Mumm Napa. Napa Valley,CA, international students blog, alien thoughts
Mumm Napa. Napa Valley,CA.

P.S. The second holiday spot is coming soon. Have you ever been in Napa Valley? What is your favorite vinery out there?

By Kate S. for Alien Thoughts

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