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Christmas Gifts While Far From Home

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hi fellow Aliens,

How is your Winter break going? Are you happy about all the presents you got this year? What gifts have you bought for your family members?

Christmas gifts when you are an international student in US, international students blog in Boston
Christmas is Upon Us, Boston, MA

When we talk about the presents, we usually think about physical things. But in my opinion, presents can also take spiritual form. What I mean is, for example, having your mom spend time with you on this holiday is already a great present for Christmas. Sometimes, the present you get can be getting accepted to your dream college or a dream company.

Coming from a different culture ,being an international student in Boston and living far from home I don’t usually receive many 'physical' presents during Christmas. However, material things are not that important to me. I consider myself lucky as I get my wish granted every year... Last year, I got a chance to pursue my master’s degree in the US. This year, I got an internship/coop in Bay Area.

But these are not the only gifts that I have this year. I also made friends with tons of great people in Boston, especially my two lovely co-founders and all the support for this project. And I do appreciate all the hard time I went through with facing some bad people during last year. That was when I learned my lessons, picked myself up and moved on.

What I mean is, everything that happens in your life is a gift, bad one or good , and you need to treasure it. So I hope you, fellow Aliens, are spending your time this holiday with your families. Being an international; student is not easy,e specially during the holiday season. But knowing that we are able to get up every day and be surrounded with our favorite people, is an invaluable gift.

See you soon,

Nam from Alien Thoughts Blog

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