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Coming to Boston : Retrospective by Kate.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Alien Thoughts international students blog
Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

'Boston? Really?'

This was the reaction that I heard from a lot of people when I was thinking about moving to Boston. At that time, I was in Los Angeles, and basically, no one who lived there thought about moving from the beautiful blooming paradise to somewhere else. They say that there is no life outside of California. I agree that there is no such a great life as it is in California, but there is another one, and it exists.

'It is cold.' 'It is windy. ' 'It might be boring.' 'Do they even have kombucha and gluten-free bagels?' These were just a few statements my friends used to make to see that I was stable enough to make such a decision. But my love of adventure took over me, and I decided to give it a try. My family supported me as Boston is much closer to Russia than LA. My close Russian friends were annoyed that I was posting photos from California beaches and beautiful sunny weather all year long. They were happy that now, I would live like a normal human being without palm trees in front of my apartment, ahah (I understand).

Harvard university, Cambridge, MA. Alien Thoughts international students blog
Harvard university, Cambridge, MA.

Exited and inspired by a new chapter of my student life (yeah,24 and still a student, I know) I packed my things, bought a ticket and started a countdown until the day X. I began having doubts and had a slight sense of panic when I checked the weather. -17 degrees C (0 degrees F) OMG I had no idea that temperature existed.

Despite the fact that I am from Russia, I had never experienced this kind of cold. I was spoiled by the Los Angeles winters and didn’t realize that things might be different.

Anyway, everything was decided, and there is no way back. But the 5th of January came, and the greatest snowstorm in years on the west coast began. The airports of New York and Boston had canceled all flights for two following days. But guess whose flight was still happening that day. For sure, lucky me! It was not such a warm welcome, but nothing could have stopped me …

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