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Coming to Boston: Retrospective by Nam on Alien Thoughts

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

From 82.4 to 1.4

And I was talking about Fahrenheit.

I decided to study abroad during my final exam time in my senior year at my old college in Vietnam, where I did English-Vietnamese Translation/Interpretation, which obviously had nothing to do with my master’s program now. Of course, Boston was not on my list at that time. It was actually New York. Well, simply because the name speaks for itself and I, who was born as a big city boy in the South of Vietnam, could not imagine myself living in small ones.

Riverway street snow cloud Boston, international students blog, alien thoughts
Riverway St, where I lived during Winter and Spring.

In 4 months, I was preparing for my papers & applications, sending out emails to different colleges asking about if this program is STEM verified or not. Because obviously, the 3 years OPT for International Students is a golden ticket for people like me, who came from a developing country. As time goes by, I’ve got a couple of universities that offered STEM programs and Northeastern was happened to be one of them.

When I first arrived in Boston in December, my aunt & her family, who drove 24 hours from Kentucky, were already standing out there in the cold waiting for me. I remember when they were driving me around the city, and I did not feel strange, like at all. In my head, it was me speaking with a sarcastic voice “Oh, so this is Boston!”.

My first morning in Boston at a hotel on Huntington Avenue, International students Blog, alien thoughts
My first morning in Boston at a hotel on Huntington Avenue

I have never traveled to any country before, let alone living in one. People say you are supposed to be scared when you live in a whole new world that is so different from home. But I didn’t. I felt like Boston was so familiar, or at least not so strange to me. Maybe I have this ability to adapt to every new environment. Or maybe it is just Boston.

But then we will see. Because this is just the pilot chapter of my new adventure in “The Hub of the Universe”.

By Nam D. for Alien Thoughts Boston

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