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Cyber Monday 2018: Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving in advance! I hope y'all have your own plans for this Thanksgiving. I do. Mine is shopping for this Black Friday!

Black Friday is one of the most expected holidays of all time, especially for shopaholics, like me! However, most people tend to forget the phenomenon that follows: Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is fairly similar to Black Friday, but it was mostly for online shopping and for electronic devices.

I can't be sure what will be on sale, but here is some little information on Alien Thoughts that I've got for you, fellow Aliens, to get the best of both worlds from Cyber Monday 2018 after Black Friday. And don't forget to listen to Alien Thoughts' podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast this Thanksgiving.


As we can see here, Amazon is having a list of many deals since today and will be continue through all Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Mostly all of Amazon's devices will be on sale, like Amazon Echo devices or Amazon Fire tablets. Be sure to check them out every day!

Best Buy

Best Buy is also having many deals for Cyber Monday 2018. I think the best deal would be either the Samsung Note 8 with $300 off or the Bose QuietComfort with $100 off.


Of course, we cannot forget Walmart for this Cyber Monday 2018. Because you know, it's Walmart, the name says it all haha. I would recommend getting the PS 4 1TB with $100 off, if you are a gamer, or the Google Home Mini with only $29, if you hate Alexa.

These are not all the deals for this Cyber Monday 2018. There are more on the market, you just need to wait and keep refreshing big brands' websites like Apple or AT&T.

Online shopping is hard, but at least it is not as tiring as shopping in stores. I hope with this little information from Alien Thoughts, you can get something good for yourself this Cyber Monday AND Black Friday 2018.

See ya on the next post,

Nam from Alien Thoughts Blog

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