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Events at Northeastern this week for International Students.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Northeastern Huskies, make sure to check out the following events this week from Alien Thoughts:

When: November, 12 14:00

What: Veterans Day Ceremony -Northeastern’s annual Veterans Day Ceremony, honoring all members of the university community who have served their country with distinction.

Where: Vetrans Memorial at Northeastern

When: November, 13 18:30 -19:00

What: Dream, Discover, Disrupt: A Celebration of Entrepreneurs and Innovators at Northeastern - an evening of inspiration and discovery to celebrate the dreamers, problem-solvers and learners of Northeastern.

Where: ISEC , Atrium & Auditorium 805 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02120

When: November, 14 12:30-13:30

What: Critical Thinking in the U.S. Classrooms - engaging in class discussion and using critical thinking skills in writing can often be difficult for non-native speakers. This workshop will give tips for how to critically read, write, and engage in discussion that incorporates knowledge gained from class material.

Where: Curry Student Center, 333

When: November, 15 15:00-16:00

What: Understanding the Meaning of Culture & Cultural Awareness - online workshop will focus on examining the word 'culture' through multiple lenses. We will discuss the meaning of culture, various cultural theories, and American culture, in particular.

Where: Northeastern Seattle & Virtual

When: November, 15 12:00

What: Pizza, Press & Politics - conversations with experts in media & advocacy.

Where: Holmes Hall, 171

When: November, 16 19:00-21:00

What: NEXPO 2018 - be a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week by attending NEXPO, IDEA’s annual venture showcase event.

Where: ISEC 799 Columbus Ave

When: November, 17 11:00-18:30

What: Club Ultimate Frisbee Alumni Tournament - join the Club Ultimate Frisbee teams for the Annual Alumni Tournament and Dinner on Saturday

Where: Madison Park Fields

When: November, 18 19:30-21:00

What: Stress Management through Reflections and Meditations

Where: Sacred Space, 200, Second Floor, Ell Hall

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