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How to start your own podcast

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

So it’s been a week since we launched our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and SoundCloud (you can also check it from our podcast page) where we talk about the experience of being international students in the US. I guess some of you might wonder how we started our own podcast. Well, it was quite a challenge for us but if you know what are you going for, then it becomes possible.

Here are some tips from Alien Thoughts to help you to start your own podcast in the future, and maybe we can collaborate at some point.

Microphones for podcasts

This is the most important thing. I think if you have great content but a bad mic, the quality of your podcast will go down a little bit so you wanna do it seriously. However, you don’t have to get something too professional or too expensive when you start your own podcast. A decent microphone is enough. We use this Yeti Microphone.

The Yeti microphone, how to start a podcast, boston blog
The Yeti microphone we use to record our podcast

Scripts for podcasts

I know right. You may think podcasts is like a talk show where everyone suddenly becomes a second Ellen. Well, I mean some people may have that talent but it is not what it seems. You may want to write a script for your podcast but don’t do too much or go into too many details. Maybe just the name of the topic and a few headlines. This way you can keep track of what you’re talking about but are also open to talking freely.

When we do a podcast where we want to. lets say, give advice for international students on how to go through cultural differences, we just right down some bullet points on what we want to cover. It helps to stay focused, but if we were to write the whole script with 'who says what' notes it would've felt unnatural on the recording.

Studios for podcasts

A 'studio' may sound fancy, but it is actually a simple thing. I think a small but quiet room would be best for recording a podcast. We actually used a small room in our library at Northeastern University to record our podcast. We do have a recording studio in our library but I don’t think we’re at that level yet. But if you wanna be fancy from the start, why not?

how to start a podcast, boston blog
The small room we used to record our podcast at Northeastern University

Editing and recording software for podcasts

There are many editing and recording software like FL studio or Audacity. I use Garage Band because it’s free and easy to use. I think any editing software can do the trick as the most important part of editing the podcast is cut and join audios, which is more about focus and details than features of the software.

One thing I like about Garage Band is the versatility. Our Intro and Outro music was made from the Garage Band on my phone. So one point for Garage Band!

how to start a podcast, boston blog, garage band
Listening to our podcast from Garage Band and write down notes


Yes, the last part but also very crucial. It is your podcast so you are the one who is in control. No one else but you. It is okay to not finish it in one take and it is okay to make mistake during the recording. A 5-minute episode actually takes around 15-20 minutes to record. Mainly because sometimes you have to re-record something or stop a little bit to think about what to say next.

However, I think the best way would try to talk as if you are talking to a friend instead. Listen to your podcast and take note about what you like and don't like from your recording so you can do better next time.

So I hope you enjoying reading these tips from Alien Thoughts and how we did our podcast. If you already wanted to start your own podcast, I believe our tips could help your preparation a little bit easier.

See you guys in the next post.

Love ya,

Nam from Alien Thoughts

International Students Blog in Boston


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