• Liza B.


If you went through applying for a job as an international student you most likely know what it means to get rejected. And not because your skills don’t match the position, or because you don’t have a good experience, but because of your visa status.

✔️ How many times have you seen a line in the job description saying “we don’t consider people without a permanent work authorization” phrased one way or the other?

✔️ How many times have you went through the tedious application process for what seemed to be a dream job and got an email saying “sorry, we do not consider applicants with your visa status”?

✔️ What about getting ghosted after they force you to specify if you have permanent work authorization?

I’ll tell you how many times - a million! Enough to get discouraged, to start doubting yourself, to feel like you have failed. Well, guess what, you haven’t!!!!

If anyone has failed, it’s the companies that couldn’t see the value that you would’ve brought as a loyal and determined employee. It is what it is, it is our reality, we sometimes are not given even a chance. But trust me when I say that if you work hard, if you push through, if you don’t let them bring you down - you will succeed. You will find a company that will gladly accept you because of your skills, your hard work and of your determination. So don’t ever lose this determination. Because while we have to work twice as hard to get this offer, it makes us stronger, more persistent and more determined to show the world what we are capable of !

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