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Niagara Falls, NY

Coming to the US I dreamed that while I’m here I will make sure to see the Niagara Falls. I think everyone must’ve heard of that place. But did you know it is only a 7-hour drive from Boston, MA to Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls Trip from Boston
Niagara Falls, NY

It really is not bad, you can do it in one day. All you need is a drivers license (we have a post on how to get it here), a car (you can rent one), and maybe a good friend for some company.

I stayed at an Airbnb, which I recommended doing given the hotel prices in the area (and while COVID is still a thing). The Canadian border was closed (I don’t have a visa to go there anyway) and the famous Made of The Mist wasn’t running (it’s a ferry that takes you very close to the falls), but that’s more reasons to come back.

It does seem that the view from Canada is better and it definitely is worth doing the ferry! So make sure you check all the things on the list

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