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The Best food and drinks places in Boston

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

We've put together some recommendations of the best cafes and restaurants in Boston, that you have to check out!

Lobster rolls shared with friends in Boston, cape cod chips
James Hook & Co, North Boston

It's difficult to think of something that is more of a Boston thing. However, It is easy to get lost because Lobster Roll is served in pretty much every restaurant. That is why we want to share one of our favorite places. James Hook & Co. Located in North Boston next to the water, this place serves the freshest lobsters and crabs. They are open until just 5 pm on the weekday and 4 pm on the weekends because fresh lobster can't wait!

  • The Best Matcha in Boston at Ogawa

girl at the table with matcha cake and ice tea, table set up
Ogawa, Downtown Boston

There are couples of places that have Matcha in Boston, but Ogawa has been the best so far. We highly recommend this coffeehouse that is located in downtown Boston to people who want to have an authentic taste of Japanese Matcha. If you are feeling adventurous, try their Matcha caked and Ice-cream - they are truly fabulous! And on top of that, the interior is more than suited for aesthetic Instagram pics #bonus

Boston cafe interior
Neighborhood Coffee & Crepes, Fenway Boston

We know where you will have a Sunday brunch this week! ⠀ Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes is our new favorite spot. Located in Fenway, this place offers amazing coffee and delicious crepes with strawberries, cream, Nutella and much more. ⠀ Check it out if you are a fan of Crepes, because we are.

Any Fans of Greek food over here? We feel like as Alien, we should keep our minds open and be willing to try new things - including food. Boston is quite a good place to discover different cuisines, so if you have never had any Greek before - Saloniki Greek is the place to go to. #FunFact: Names on the menu are the names of owner’s family members

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