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Top 5 places to hide from the rain in Boston.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The fall is here and the colors of the New England are brighter than ever… on some days… on other days it’s just gray, gray, gray, rainy gray. So how do we stay dry and happy?

Rainy day in Boston, ma, international students blog, alien thoughts
Boston, Massachusetts

Here in Boston rain is like our best buddy, so we learn to just live with it (sad). But every once in a while it is nice to just hide away in a pleasant place where you can stay dry and away from all this grayness. So we came up with the top 5 places to hide from the rain in Boston:

1. Coffee Shops

Ogawa Coffee Matcha Cake, boston, ma, alien thoughts
Ogawa Coffee's Matcha Cake

In case of an emergency, when you did not realize it might rain when you left the house (this is Boston, you should always be ready for the rain) the best spontaneous hideout is a coffee shop. There is one on every corner in this coffee fueled city, so once you feel those sneaky raindrops falling just run, run for your life… By the way, I’d like to suggest two great places that are both Japanese and both are worth checking out in Boston:

  • Ogawa Coffee at 10 Milk Street, Boston has the most incredible matcha cake, a very 21st century common sitting area and the glass roof that contributes to the ultimate Boston rain experience.

  • Gen Sou En Tee House at 299 Harvard Street, Brookline is for the best place for Boston tea lovers with an incredible interior design and authentic atmosphere. Also has an impressive glass roof couple!

2. Prudential

View from Prudential, Boston, alien thoughts, rainy city
View from Prudential, Boston

Here is my personal favorite. Whether it’s a snow storm, a hurricane or just the Boston rain, The Prud is the go-to place! First of all, there are a lot of things to do there - food, drinks, stores (obviously), food again… Also, you can just walk around and do the so satisfying window shopping. Or if you are filling like doing something a little more meaningful (although I’d argue that window-shopping is a pretty meaningful activity) just visit the Skywalk Observatory where you can enjoy the stunning 360 view of the rainy Boston. It’s not super cheap (Adults: $20, Students: $16), but I mean… you do it once and then you get to tell everyone about it for the rest of your life, so why not.

3. Quincy market

caramelized taffy apples in boston, ma, alien thoughts, international students blog
Caramelized Apples, Quincy Market

What’s better on a rainy day, than enjoy some delicious food and hot chocolate? Not many things are. If you are a foodie like we are (and we know you love a good meal) than this is the place to go. Ones you are in you shouldn’t even try to leave without getting your belly full! Just writing this is making me hungry! Mexican, Indian, Asian, local, whichever one you like, you can find it here. Looking for something sweet instead? Sure, just go to Magnolia Bakery and get the famous banana pudding. Yumm, heavenly good!

4. Public Library

Boston Public Library in winter, boston, ma, alien thoughts, international students blog
Boston Public Library

You’ve got some work to do, but working from home is not working for you (ha-ha) when it’s so gray and gloomy outside? We know of a perfect place! The Boston Public library is not only amazingly beautiful, but also is a great place to concentrate on the upcoming deadlines, find inspiration to finish a project and just get some work done! It is so stunning you won’t even remember what the weather is like outside.

5. California

San Diego retro car, alien thoughts, international students blog
San Diego, California

I think this is pretty self-explanatory… Can you believe that while we are here in Boston soaking in the rain and trying to come up with the places to hide, some people are actually enjoying the weather in this country. Let’s try to be happy for those lucky ones and maybe visit the place one day to recharge and get dry underneath the California sun.

Hope That Helps,

Liza B.




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