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Where to find apartments for rent in Boston?

We are approaching the beginning of the term and with some of the universities doing the hybrid approach, it means that some of us will still have to either come back or stay close to campus.

Rent an apartment  for international students in Boston
Rent an apartment in Boston

But many will not have enough on-campus accommodation available. While some universities are going through the trouble of actually renting rooms from the hotels for students to stay at, many of us will have to find an apartment to stay. So let’s talk about looking for one.

Here are some of the options:

1. Connect with an agent.

You can always find a real estate agency that works with students. They usually have a lot of options and are really interested in helping you out, because you will definitely have to pay a broker fee. A broker fee in Boston is usually equal to a month-worth rent. Not cheap, but if you can afford it - this is a good way of securing a place.

2. Facebook groups

You can also find a lot of options on Facebook. You can just search 'Rent Boston Appartments' and there will be at least 10 groups in the results list. There are properties both from agents and from those who are looking to sublet their apartment. But be careful, there are scammers around. If the price is too good, but something is fishy about it (like it requires you to pay in without first seeing the place) - don’t put your trust in it.

3. Craigslist

This is similar to Facebook but seems to have even more scammers. So be extra careful! People can tell you a heart-warming story of how they love their apartment so they can rent it out for less but only to a right person, they can even arrange for a call and talk to you. But as soon as they tell you 'sign the contract before the apartment is gone and pay the security deposit before scheduling a viewing', you should run and never look back. Scam!

4. Zillow.com, Apartments.com, Trulia.com

These are some of the popular websites for rentals. Here you sometimes can find a property with no broker fee and rent it directly from the owner. My personal favorite is Trulia because I think the user experience is so much batter compared to other websites. But again, this can not be said enough, do not get scammed, make sure you read the lease before signing and do not send anyone your money before you see the place.

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